Ethics in the supply chain

Social responsibility

At Hapro Electronics, we work continuously to promote good working and environmental conditions in our supply chain. We want to do this in close cooperation with our suppliers. The guidelines cover basic requirements for human rights, employee rights and for the environment.

The guidelines express clear attitudes towards e.g. all forms of corruption.

Code of conduct [pdf ]

Hapro’s Conflict Minerals Policy [pdf]

Retningslinjer for etisk handel [pdf]


Our environmental policy is a basis for all the environmental work that will take place in the company. This applies to both the internal environment / working environment (HSE) and the external environment.

Hapro Electronics is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001.

We are an environmentally conscious company, which carries out sorting of waste, handles all waste in a responsible manner, and we continuously work on improvements and meet statutory requirements at all times. Successful initiatives have been carried out to increase the sorting rate of waste and to reduce the total amount of waste. We have agreements with approved return companies and are members of El-retur.

Green focus

In recent years, we have had a strong focus on energy saving and a reduced environmental footprint. A number of measures have been implemented to reduce energy consumption through maintenance of building materials and energy labeling. The largest project is the establishment of free cooling and heating facilities via 35 wells (boreholes) 300 meters down into the mountain bed. This is a project where we have received support from Enova. The project has given us the opportunity to reuse energy from production machines etc. for heating and cooling in the building. Through this project, we are now completely self-sufficient in heating energy. In addition, this facilitates future increased use of renewable energy production. With this project, Hapro’s energy consumption has been reduced by 900,000 kWh per year, and we are close to our goal of reducing energy consumption by 50 %.

For all our locations, risk assessments for the external environment are carried out continuously.